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Blue Heron

Blue Heron in the pond by Battle Creek

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Great crew!

Great crew!

Johanna with Dunkin at shearing

July is finally here.  I feel like we haven’t looked up since we left the Red Desert with the ewes in mid-April.  Finally, all the ewes and lambs and all the cows and calves are on their summer Forest permits.

We have a fine crew of Peruvian employees (as well as young ladies from Germany, friends, family and American employees).  Their families often check the blog in hopes of seeing pictures of these men, who leave home for three years at a time to seek their fortune as sheepherders in the American West.  Our Germans, Inka and Johanna, were seeking adventure and stories to tell.  Here are some photos of these good folks.

Inka & Johanna with vaccine

Inka with cows and calves

Sarah, sunburned at shearing

                                                         Seamus, branding, Home Ranch

Siobhan sprinkling Blood Stop

Richar and Nene, Powder Flat, March

Salomon & Seamus at sheepcamp

Julia & Simeon with tarp, docking

Simeon, Siobhan, Pepe & Bahnay, counting

Seamus & Pepe contemplating brand

Pepe & Antonio--go team!

McCoy, Megan & Savanah--cattle crew

Afrenio loading wool, Badwater

2011 wool clip

2011 docking crew

Sarah, Inka Siobhan & Johanna with deceased rattlesnake, Loco

McCoy, Sharon, Meghan & Tiarnan--branding crew

Tom, Savanah & Eamon loading heifers-Red Desert