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Dock them lambs, tote them panels!

Ladder Ranch docking crew

Once the lambs are on the ground, it is time to think about docking them.  This means that each bunch is gathered into a large pen.  The lambs are dropped into a smaller pen, then are passed along an assembly line, where they are earmarked, the males are castrated and they are placed into the Dinkum Docker, a sort of slide.  There they are vaccinated, their tails are removed with a hot knife (which cauterizes the wound), daubed with pine tar (which disinfects and keeps the flys away) and daubed with a paint brand.  Soon they are looking for Mom, who is also looking for them.

Looking for Mom

Evaristo and Cesar putting lambs into the lamb pen

Meghan on the Dinkum Docker

Eamon is running the hot tailer. Meghan is holding legs and putting pine tar on the wounds.

Timeteo and Salomon carrying lambs

David (in blue shirt) brought lunch to a hungry crew

Modesto, Siobhan and Bahnay taking a break

Mothering up

Teofilo loading panels, getting ready for tomorrow

The bum lambs are headed for the Home Ranch


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Afternoon nap

Taking a break

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Tiarnan and bum lambs

“I can help, Mom!”

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Cows: from desert to mountain

Cows:  from desert to mountain

Our cows spent the spring on our desert ranch at Powder Wash.  When it came time to  truck them to the mountains, our crew gathered them up.

Eamon, bringing in the cows

Siobhan in the dust

Pat with McCoy on Plata

The calves unloading at the Home Ranch

Heading through the gate

Then it was time to brand the youngest calves.

Morgan Seigal, looking for a slick calf in the St. Louis pasture

Margaret Cogswell, Cowgirl


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Dunkin is missing!

Our bellwether, Dunkin, is missing.  He was with the yearling sheep in the Badwater pasture, northeast of Dad, Wyoming.  Last year we got a report of a sheep and a dog along the highway near Dad.  It turned out to be Dunkin and a guard dog, heading south.  We think that he decided he’d rather be with the lambing ewes north of Dixon, Wyoming and headed out.  He apparently didn’t convince a guard dog to go with him.  We are hoping that someone will spot him, and that he hasn’t become someone’s meal.

Pepe, Dunkin and Siobhan at shearing in early May

Siobhan feeding Dunkin crackers

Dunkin, MIA


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Branding calves

Branding calves

Last spring we could hardly find suitable days to brand calves.  Every day dawned cold and rainy.  Each day that looked like maybe it wouldn’t rain, we had to chose between docking lambs, branding calves and fixing fence (among other things).  This year is the opposite.  Each day is unrelentingly warm and dry.  While this gives us lots of suitable days, the weird weather has compressed seasonal work in its own way.  We had to start irrigating when we were still branding.  The fences are in much better shape than last year, when near record snow crushed them to the ground.  The early dry up and green up, with no following rains, has meant that fences have to be in good shape for early turn out.  And everyone is scrambling to take care of the early growth of feed, since it appears that not much regrowth is likely when we come back to fall pastures.

Except for the late calves, we have finally gotten all the calves branded and ready for their rotation to summer pasture on the Routt and Medicine Bow National Forests.

Bruiser on alert

The management team makes a plan

Seamus readies the vaccine

McCoy: he can ride AND handle a vaccine gun

Family labor

Megan O’Toole, R.N.

Our crew breaks for lunch

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Sheehan Trucking


New driver for Sheehan Trucking

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