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A “Babe” moment on the Ladder Ranch

That'll do, pigs.

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Osos de Ladder Ranch–LSRV soccer tournament champions

Osos de Ladder Ranch–LSRV soccer tournament champions

Osos de Ladder Ranch--ready to play

team with Ladder Ranch cheerleaders (ranchhand Sara and Julia the cook)

Oscar passing the ball

Our community, the Little Snake River Valley, puts on a gathering and barbeque each September.  We recognize that we’d better get together and visit before winter sets in.  Local businesses buy beef, lamb and pork at the Junior Livestock Auction at the county fair and donate it to the barbeque.  Food is set up, a band is hired, kids games are held, and everyone gathers at the local museum in Savery, Wyoming.  2011 marked the second annual Peruvian (mostly) soccer tournament.  In our area and neighboring communities, a lot of Peruvian men come through the H2A program to work on local ranches.  The tournament gives them a chance to visit with their countrymen and play their beloved soccer.  A trophy and cash prizes go to the winning teams.  This year, our guys, some of whom came straight down out of sheep camp, beat seven other teams to become the 2011 champions.  We get the privilege of displaying the traveling trophy in our cookhouse for (at least) a year.  You go, Osos de Ladder Ranch!

Soccer fans--Pat, Sharon, Maeve, Meghan, Tiarnan, Marie, Tom Cobb (from #2 team Cobb Cattle Company) and Eamon

Teofilo the goalie

Victory hug. Richar (second from right) scored all the goals

(top) Julia Ralston, Jared Blakeley, Percy Ore, Marie Meirke, Antonio Basualdo, Teofilo Rimac, Sara Ralston (bottom) Oscar Payano, Pepe Cruz, Richar Ricse, Wilton Rupay, Edgar Oscanoa

All of the soccer players

Harry Russell (almost 100) dancing to the Defiance String Band

Eamon O'Toole and Pat Sheehan--twins? or cousins?


Fun Days at the Little Snake River rodeo

Fun Days at the Little Snake River rodeo

Maeve, Seamus, Siobhan and friends ready to run, chicken chasing at the Russell Community Park, Dixon, Wyoming

One of the highlights of summer on the River is Fun Days at the local rodeo arena.  It includes a full-fledged rodeo, featuring cowboys and cowgirls both local and imported.  The highlights are the events for kids, from mutton busting to chicken chasing.  Siobhan is a record holder, having caught pigs five years in a row.  We give any caught chickens to our neighbors, since they don’t seem to be compatible with our Border collies (the chickens, not the neighbors).  We have cousins who come to participate, including Matthew from Canada and Ginny, Emily, Jack and Matthew from Virginia.  This summer, we ended up with five pigs to raise, and ultimately, put in the freezer.

Maeve--hot on the trail of a chicken

Seamus, far right, and friends

Matthew and Jack with their captured pigs

Siobhan: out of the chute: Ginny & Emily cheering

still hanging on

Siobhan won a NRA-sized buckle for her under-the-belly ride

Edgar, Pepe, Antonio, Matthew, Jack and Sarah with pigs

Are they twins separated at birth or cousins? Pat Sheehan and Eamon O'Toole

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