Turning out the bucks

20 Dec
Turning out the bucks

Five months less five days before we want to see lambs on the ground, we turn the buck sheep into the ewes.  For the commercial Rambouillet ewes, that desired lambing date is May 10th.  We did the math, and turned the bucks in on December 15th.  To me, this marks the end of the old year, and the beginning of the new.  The bucks have hung out with just each other since late last February or so (and yes, there are gay bucks) and so almost all of them are glad to see the girls…and the girls are glad to see them.  Of course,it means that the ewes must spend five months less five days pregnant, and about five months raising lambs, but when the rams show up, they are not thinking of the future.  We, of course, are thinking of the future, and praying for the right kind of weather for the next year.  In 2011, December 15th was cool and clear–perfect weather for bucking.

Edgar and Kate, loading the bucks at the Home Ranch

Yearling ewes with guard dog on the Red Desert

Leap of faith

Ewes at last!

Oscar's ewes on Chain Lakes, Red Desert

Multi-tasking--we also met with the Game and Fish guys

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