Sheep in the morning, cows in the afternoon

21 Dec
Sheep in the morning, cows in the afternoon

A couple of days ago, Eamon, McCoy and I went to Powder Flat to check on things.  For new blogees, Powder Flat is our ranch on the desert west of Baggs, Wyoming.  Pat, Meghan and Bridget and I lived there in the winters before the girls (now 33 and 31) started school.  We have a headquarters there.  It lacks running water and electricity, but is still comfy (lots of wood for the stove, and gas appliances), and is normally great winter country for the livestock and for the deer, elk and antelope that also migrate for the cold seasons.  Eamon and I were glad to find sheep, cows and sheepherders all in fine shape.  After a rough start, we are having a mild winter, so far.

Yearling ewes by the Black Tie reservoir, near Powder Wash Camp

Afrenio roping a sheep--it's not easy

guard dog puppy with sheep near Ace-in-the-Hole

Young bred cows on a frosty day

Cows near the Powder Flat headquarters

McCoy checking on the cows

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