Hanging out with the pigs, the llamas and the odd sheep

03 Feb

Each July, our family attends Fun Days at the Little Snake River Rodeo.  In addition to the rodeo events, including calf riding, mutton busting and ribbon roping,the kids can chase and catch pigs and chickens.  Our family members brought home five pigs this year (see the post from July 2011). We raise them, and then when they are big enough, we have them butchered, cut and wrapped and they become local food.

We like raising the meat that we eat, but also think it is important that the kids know where their food comes from.  A few days ago, the last two pigs were deemed big enough to become pork, so we took the kid to bid farewell and, in a sense, give thanks for the privilege of raising some of our own food.

Farewell to the pigs

Each winter, we end up with an odd lot of sheep ,those who are lame and halt.  We keep them around the headquarters, where they can receive extra feed and care.  This winter, the Mama llama, Beulah, and her cria Maria (poem to come) are hanging out with them.  Beulah and Maria are bonding for guard duty.  Maria has grown since her surprise birth in early January.  She is very friendly.

  • Beulah and Maria practice guarding

Seamus & Maeve feeding llamas

View of the horse barn, cattle and fence

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