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03 Feb

Jose with Dunkin and his dogs
north of I80 at Creston Junction, April 2009

Dunkin and friends
on the trail to the Routt National Forest, June 2009

Cottonwood Pasture, October 2010

Dunkin and Friends: repost from July 2010

Pepe with Dunkin
Johnson Ranch corrals
Routt Forest

Faithful blog readers will remember Dunkin, the bum lamb who grew up into a bellwether–a lead sheep. Dunkin was saved from certain death, and obscurity, when Pepe found him standing by the side of his dead mother as a newborn lamb. Pepe adopted him as a pet, and we even carried milk replacer on a pack horse to Dunkin his first summer. He is now a VERY large sheep, splitting his time between hanging out with the other sheep, and hanging out at the camp with the dogs. He is currently living with Modesto’s bunch, but recently reunited with Pepe.

Dunkin with his friends–Richar. Pepe and Modesto
Johnson corrals
Routt forest, July 2010

Dunkin (of blog fame), Dot (of National Geographic fame) and guard dog pup
Multi-species representation
Chain Lakes, Salomon’s camp, February 2011

Johanna with Dunkin at shearing, April 2011

Dunkin with lamb buddies, October 2011


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2 responses to “More on Dunkin, Life and Times

  1. Cat Urbigkit

    February 4, 2012 at 7:35 AM

    Great post!

  2. Denise O'Toole

    February 5, 2012 at 2:21 PM

    Thanks for these postings! I remember the original story about Dunkin (partly because I learned the origin of the term ‘bellwether’, thank you very much) and have wondered about him since then.


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