20 Feb

We certainly experiencing “Global Weirding” this year.  Last winter was a hard hard winter, followed by a cold, wet, killer spring.  It rained throughout most of June, and really for the rest of the “summer”.  HIgh water didn’t go down until mid-July.  Fall continued to be wet and cool and November was snowy.

“Here we go,” we thought, and hunkered down for another hard winter.  Then–it stopped.  We have had one of the driest December and January seasons ever. Almost no snow, mud in the driveway,  We’ve told our friends downstream on the Colorado River system, “Sorry.”

Until the last few days.  All of a sudden we got a month’s worth of snow in a few days.  Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 55 miles to the southeast of our ranch headquarters, got a record 48 hour snowfall–good news for skiers.

We are glad to see the snow.  Really.  As my Dad used to say, “As long as it doesn’t get to be a fool about it!”.

Eamon, Marley and Siobhan getting to the pickup

Sandman Mountain (see sandman on upper right)

Squaw Mountain from the northwest

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