Bear on Cottonwood Creek

26 Jun

Pepe Cruz, our ace long-time employee, spotted this bear in a tree on our lambing grounds. It seems like an unlikely spot, several miles from where we have seen bears in the past. He appears to be an old bear, by the wear on his teeth. He didn’t bother any of the sheep, and seemed happy to hang out in the Cottonwood tree along the creek.  Photos by Pepe.

A bear looks down

A bear looks down

Pinup bear

Pepe’s Pinup bear

A bear in hand is worth two in the bush

A bear in hand is worth two in the bush

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  1. Pat H.

    June 27, 2014 at 6:31 AM


    I’ve sometimes been surprised by where I’ll run into a bear in Wyoming. The oddest place was Grey Reef, the popular fishing spot near Casper.


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