Under I80 and over the UP Line

23 Apr
leaving the Red Desert

leaving the Red Desert

All three bunches of sheep which wintered on the Red Desert have now crossed under Interstate 80, over the Union Pacific railroad overpass, and across Rodewald’s pasture. The early lambers are at the lambing sheds north of Dixon. After last year’s experience of lambing in the wool, we are most anxious to get on with shearing. Meanwhile, the second and third bunches are in the Badwater Pasture, also awaiting the shearers. They will soon trail on through the Atlantic Rim to the Cottonwood lambing grounds. Here’s some photos of leaving the Red Desert.

Leo heading south

Leo heading south

trucks above, sheep below

trucks above, sheep below

crossing the railroad

crossing the railroad

almost to Rodewald's gate

almost to Rodewald’s gate


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One response to “Under I80 and over the UP Line

  1. OogieM

    April 24, 2016 at 8:00 AM

    Finding shearers is really getting to be a problem. We’re a small flock and most folks won’t come and even when they do we’ve had people look at our sheep with long tails and horns and refuse to shear them even at $10.00/sheep! We even have our own shearing machine, handpiece, combs and cutters. I see ASI doing shearing schools but that doesn’t’ seem to be keeping up with the retirement of folks who are no longer shearing. I wish there was something we could all do together to solve this.


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