Chester the mule

22 Sep
Chester eating an apple

Chester eating an apple

My friend, Annie Hatch, world-renowned folklorist, was looking for a new home for her mule, Chester.

Serendipitously, Pat was looking for a riding mule, just like Chester. As an added bonus, Chester was a pack mule in his previous life.

After a Wyoming brand inspection, and a horse-trailer ride through the rain, Chester is at home on the Ladder Ranch.

For those who might wonder, “folklorist” is a real job–in Annie’s case, with the Wyoming Arts Council

Chester in his new home

Chester in his new home

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One response to “Chester the mule

  1. patholscher

    September 25, 2016 at 6:09 AM

    Are you using him as a saddle animal?

    I’ve long thought about getting a saddle mule myself. People who have a good one really swear by them, but I also hear that it’s not particularly easy to find that good one. I’d be curious as to your experiences in these regards.


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