Milk on the hoof

04 Apr

If owls are a Parliament, and crows are a Murder, our lambs so far this year are a Plethora. We are grateful for this, but it does mean that we’ve got quite a few “bottle babies.”  We were spending a small fortune on lamb milk replacer. Eamon went to the auction and came home with one fresh cow and seven milk goats. McCoy decided he needed to guard them until we could get them unloaded.

McCoy guarding the milk goa ts

McCoy guarding the milk goats

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One response to “Milk on the hoof

  1. muriel

    April 5, 2014 at 9:58 PM

    Where do the milk cow and goats come from? Are they older low producing animals from a commercial dairy, moving to their next “job”? When they are done producing milk for your orphans, will they be sold again, or stay on til next season. Just wondering if it’s cost effective to keep them around and rebreed to get milk next season, or buy a few milk goats each season?
    What percentage of ewes died or got ill so otherwise could not provide milk for the babies? Is this a normal year, better than usual, worse than usual?
    Your posts are so terse, and I always have more questions so I can understand the operation better. So if you can spare a moment from the busy lambing season, I’d love more details. thanks!


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