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Aussies on the job

Ladder Ranch is host to many folks, some paid, some unpaid, and some even paying. Over the years, we have formed many wonderful friendships with the visitors who pass through our landscape. This year, we have had the great fun of hosting Will and Ali, Aussies who showed up at just the right time (right after the cook had quit and just as lambing was getting under way). They have jumped right in and helped with everything from soup (that would be Ali) and once docking commences–to nuts. Here they are helping with the shearing of the yearling ewes. I observed, “It looks like Ali is doing all the work, while Eamon and Will are standing around bullchatting.” Will responded, ” Yup, that’s pretty much what they say back home.”

Ali working--Eamon and Will visiting

Ali working–Eamon and Will visiting

Eamon and Will on the move, but Eamon's dog is actually bringing up the sheep!

Eamon and Will on the move, with Eamon’s dog, Chica, actually bringing up the sheep! Actually, it took all hands AND the dog to get the job done.

We also like child labor--Seamus and Maeve work the chute.

We also like child labor–Seamus and Maeve work the chute.


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