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Dr. Warner McFarland making a life-altering determination

It’s the time of year when we pregnancy check the cows. Dr. McFarland uses a combination of ultra-modern ultrasound goggles and old-fashioned palpation to determine if the cow is pregnant (the best option), open (the worst option) or late. He calls out his judgement, one after another, as the cows step into the chute for their pregnancy test. The pregnant cows will spend the winter in Laramie, eating hay and gestating. The open cows will be sold–either to become hamburgers or to be given another chance to breed. The lates are sold to someone who likes the cows, and likes to calve later. Our calendar for calving is fixed by the seasons and by our grazing permit on and off dates. We can’t calve too early, or we will surely meet with cold and snow (still a possibility). We can’t calve too late, or the cows will already be on the National Forest permit. If the calf survives predators, it will still be young and small when we ship in the fall. The calves were sorted and shipped a few days ago, so now it is time to start the cycle anew.

Brittany, bringing up the cows on Fancy, an adopted wild horse.


Pat and Warner, talking cattle

the dogs think they could be helpful…if only


Pat and Jeff in a stare down with a cow

and pregnant!



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Battle Creek Bridge

Battle Creek Bridge

Last fall, after requests from Routt County, Colorado residents, Carbon County decided to replace the Battle Creek bridge, just below our house.  The bridge is barely in Wyoming and almost everyone who lives above it is a Colorado resident.  The Routt County Commissioners decided to kick in $150,000.  The bridge was not rated for the weight of the trucks which cross it with gravel, cattle and other goods.  As it turned out, it was so heavy that the contractors could hardly move it.  We have had an exceptionally open winter which allowed work in December, January and February.  I could watch the whole process from my kitchen window.  We purchased the old bridge and moved it to a crossing farther up Battle Creek.  This will allow us to get to our fields on the east side of the creek before the high water goes down.

setting the stage 12/15/11

after they cut the trees and moved the power line

lowering the deck on the new bridge 2/8/12

the old bridge is now in the Cow Pasture 2/16/12

bridge preparing to leave its long-time home 2/27/12 photo by Kent Bratberg

This is a job for professionals

Don't try this at home, boys and girls

Same creek, different banks

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