Pregnant or Open?–That is the question

09 Nov

Tate and Tim, bringing more cows

After the cows come down from summering on the Forest, it’s time to learn if they are pregnant. It’s hard to get them to pee on a stick, so our neighbor, Dr. Ben Noland comes with his ultrasound and checks for pregnancy. One after another, he calls out “Pregnant,” “Open,” or “Late.” “Late” means pregnant but calving outside the window of time when we want to be calving. We also vaccinate, check and sometimes replace eartags, and look at the cow’s general health. Most of the cows go into the pregnant pen. Some of the lates will be sold to other producers who calve later. Pregnancy testing is a key management practice since we don’t want to feed cows all winter only to learn that they won’t be raising a calf next summer. Thanks to Dr. Ben and our entire hard-working crew!

I TOLD you that I’m pregnant!

Eamon and McCoy at the chute

Dr. Ben with his ultrasound

Kyla checking eartags

Tate and Tim at the ready

McCoy with pregnant cows


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One response to “Pregnant or Open?–That is the question

  1. Martha Kennedy

    November 11, 2020 at 5:29 PM

    “My” eight cows have, most of them, last years calves following them. I hope their farmer lets them range out where I can see them during the winter. They are incredibly beautiful Holsteins and, vicarious farmer that I am, I love them, but one especially. They’re not range cattle, all of them are tame, calm, curious and friendly. I plan a portrait of my favorite sometime soon. I named her “Bessie.”


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