…’til the cows come home

11 Mar
Here come the cows!

Here come the cows!

In the winter, some of our cows go to the balmy environs of Laramie, AKA “Laradise”. It’s almost spring, and time for the cows to come home. In a few weeks, they’ll start having baby calves, and you’ll see pictures of them on this blog. Usually, we have more snow on the ground, but the easy winter means we have plenty of hay.

photos by Siobhan




through the gate...

through the gate…

headed down the hill...

headed down the hill…

Chica supervising...

Chica supervising…

Eamon, dogs, cows

Eamon and the dogs put the cows into the…Cow Pasture.

Done. Pat, Tiarnan, McCoy and Maeve, with a little help from Belle.

Done. Pat, Rhen, McCoy and Maeve, with a little help from  Belle.



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