Spring Revival!

Antelope on Brown’s Hill

Faithful blog followers may have noticed that posts on “Ranch News” have been fewer and more basic lately. This was largely due to technical difficulties. My faithful laptop went on to that great recycling center in the sky, and I had to learn, sort of, to post on my husband’s wonderful, but unfamiliar, Mac. When I added the new version of Photoshop Elements, I discovered that the newer and fancier upgrade was likewise unfamiliar. Hence the changes you have observed.

But all this is in the past! After much study, I purchased a new laptop. I finally gave up and called the Adobe help desk, where the nice gentleman explained to me how to revert to the familiar “Classic Editor” posting format, which makes it easy to do more editing.

My new tools allow me to resume my former style of posting lots of medium size photos, with, I hope, enlightening and witty text.

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One-Eyed Dog



The One-Eyed Dog sounds
more like the name of a bar
than my girl, Cora.

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Calving in the Desert

desert calviing

photo by Eamon O’Toole


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Horses heading for the meadow

horses coming down road


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In Like a Lion

ewes in front of drift

Ewes eating hay on the Red Desert


March is here, but still thinks it’s winter. Lander Lil (Wyoming’s version of Puxatawny Phil) definitely saw her shadow, maybe two shadows on Prairie Dog Day. All our sheep are close to the Red Desert winter camp. Usually, they are separated by many miles on our winter BLM grazing permits. This year, we asked for an emergency declaration so that they can stay close to the corn and hay which is sustaining them. Most years, we only give corn until about February 1st, when most of the ewes have been bred. This year, we see no end in sight, although we are hopeful. We, the sheepherders and the sheep are all happier when they are out walking around and grazing. In the meantime, we bring feed in on the one plowed road into the permit.

two camps on the Red Desert_edited-1

Winter quarters

unloading hay at Chain Lakes

Unloading hay

Oscar ands Tiarnan unloading hay

Oscar and Tiarnan with the stack


Tiarnan on haystack

Oscar loading bucks

Oscar loading the bucks


door of sheep wagon_edited-2            Home Sweet Home

Border collie in winter

Border collie looking for work





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Blown In, Cyclone Rim


Blown in.

The County plows the road just far enough.

Ewes, lambs within,
stand with wooly backs to the wind,
withstanding the snow and blow.
We can get in behind the plows
with corn and hay, every few days.

Brave men, up from Peru,
Struggle through the snow
and spread the feed, while we venture
along roads, slick with ice, no visibility,
bringing food, wood, water, feed.

Antelope mill in ever larger herds,
hanging along the roads,
grass covered by endless drifts.
Winter, relentless in exacting its toll.
I hope they stay off the railroad tracks.

The BLM says move the sheep,
too many days along that plowed road,
huddled among the hard-drifted snowbanks.



sorting the bucks

Guard dogs sleeping

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Heifers in Nebraska

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