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Sheep Mountain branding

Rhen mounting


It’s branding time! We have lots of baby calves who need brands, eartags and vaccine so that they can be ready to head to the National Forest next month with their mamas. We have a great crew this year, which includes a lot of home-grown child labor. Sheep Mountain is a pasture which we graze spring and fall. Sheep Mountain itself is an extinct volcano which has provided us with rich soil and great pasture.

hard-working crew

Eamon, Rhen, Mike and Karen

Meghan and Mike Buchanan

Rhen bringing in calf on Jake

German and Mccoy

Tiarnan on Sarah

Siobhan multi-tasking

Siobhan and Kathryn

Rhen, Megan and Eamon



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Ready to brand

Bringing in the cows and calves


It finally stopped raining long enough to allow us to brand some calves. Clouds were threatening, but with lots of good help, we got through them. They were, as my Dad used to say, “Big enough to get ahold of.”



cows checking the clouds

Eamon watching Jeff chase the errant cow

Jeff bringing her in

Jeff and Mike watching the calves


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Branding calves in the mountains and on the desert


It’s time to brand those calves which have been born this spring. We’ve been branding calves both in the mountains and the desert. We have our good crew of employees, friends and family on hand to help us with this endeavor.

Ready to gather: Cookie, Mike, Eamon and Karen

Siobhan and Dice

Taylor bringing in the cows

Mike and Tiarnan conferring

McCoy on the job


Pat and Cookie have a lot of irons in the fire!

Calves in waiting

Looking for the branding crew

Rhen and McCoy at work

David and Joe


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No Bull!

Cows gather at the Elephant corrals

Cows gather at the Elephant corrals



Each June, we artificially inseminate a selected group of cows to famous bulls–or at least their “on ice” reproductive avatars.

Crew at the ready

Crew at the ready


Thanks to Eamon’s crew, including his cowhand sidekicks Jeff (his father-in-law), Mike and Karen Buchanan (who have returned to cow work after retiring), intrepid ranchhand Brittany, and Eamon’s wife, Megan (on-site medic). The AI crew included his sister-in-law, Halli. And not to be forgotten is his mother-in-law, Georgia, who wrangled McCoy, 4, and Rhen, 2.

cow in chute

so WHERE’S the bull???

Oh wait--it's Alan!

Oh wait–it’s Adam!

Megan from the AI crew (left) and Megan from the Ladder crew (right)

Megan from the AI crew (left) and Megan from the Ladder crew (right)

feeling pregnant

feeling pregnant


the real McCoy

Georgia with Rhen

Georgia on the job with Rhen (dirty job but somebody has to do it!)


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