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You can’t make this stuff up

Jaime, Crescencio and Juan studying the situation

At the cookhouse breakfast, Meghan said, “You can’t make up my life.”

I had enjoyed a solid night’s sleep, so I asked her what was up. She said that she had been out int he middle of the night trying to locate a Harvest Host RV guest (another story), when she noticed lights in the middle of the hay meadow. She went to investigate, and discovered a young man who had somehow followed his GPS into the very irrigated field and gotten very very stuck. She retrieved him, pointed his really muddy self to a shower and a bed. Mind you, it was 3 a.m. It turns out that he was looking to spend the Fourth of July with his uncle, who lives in the mountains to the south and west. We mustered our crew, pulled him out, and delivered him to his grateful uncle and cousin. Just another morning on the Ladder Ranch!

Meghan assessing the stuck car in the light of day.

our tractor extracting the stuck car


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Docking 2017

Belle helping the humans

Go that-a-way!

When most of the lambs are on the ground, we are faced with the next big task–docking. This is a major job which involves handling each and every lamb which has recently been born–giving it an earmark, castrating it if it is a male, judging if it is replacement quality if it is a female, vaccinating for enterotoxemia and tetanus, cutting the tail, and last, but not least, stamping on a paint brand. This operation involves a lot of moving parts with a lot of coordination of critters and people. It calls for all hands and the cook!

Heading into the corral

Bringing up the ewes

Docking crew ready to go

McCoy, with the docking crew and the Dinkum Docker

Siobhan taking a break

Rhen and Tiarnan–the happy dockers!


Tyler, German, Juan and Rafael at the docking board

German holds lamb while Kimmy castrates

Jaime putting a lamb into the Dinkum Docker

Tyler and Jaime

the multi-talented Kimmy vaccinating

Rhen branding for Pepe

Brittany counting tails

After the docking

Luka supervising lunch

Time for rest and contemplation of tails




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Our ace-number-one camptender, Pepe, has gone to Peru for a family visit, and maybe even a tour of Europe with his sister, who is a doctor in Italy. That means that Meghan is now the number one camptender, with me filling in as number two. Luckily, we also have some backups.

Maeve and Rhen helping with the water barrel

Maeve and Rhen helping with the water barrel

Maeve and Barbie on the truck

Maeve and Barbie on the truck

Rhen and Maeve

Rhen and Maeve

Maeve and Jaime unloading the truck

Maeve and Jaime unloading the truck

Siobhan siphoning water for Avencio

Siobhan siphoning water for Avencio

Seamus holding the hose for the water barrel

Seamus holding the hose for the water barrel

ewes on Bridger Peak

ewes on Bridger Peak

sheep on Victoria meadow

sheep on Victoria meadow

Maeve on the run

Maeve on the run on the Fireline Stock Driveway


There’s a story about the Fireline Stock Driveway. I don’t know if it’s true. The Forest Service had hired a crew to cut the Driveway, which served the dual purpose of cutting a line for fire fighting purposes, and providing a route for the many thousands of sheep trailing from the Red Desert and Great Basin to the summer grazing around Hahn’s Peak and Rabbit Ears. The word came down that the logging crew was doing some illegal logging on the side, so they hired my grandfather to investigate. The next word was that he had gone to work on the logging crew for good wages. As I said, I don’t know if it’s true.



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